WhatsApp Marketing: Easily Connect With Your Customer & Drive More Traffic

The advent of smartphones and the internet has revolutionized communication among us. First, we communicate via phone calls, then shifted to SMS. And, now we all moved to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a popular messenger app that provides an instant messaging facility.

People are moving away from calls to text messages. Reasons are

Text is more convenient than the call. They can check the messages on their own time
Texts are less disruptive than the phone calls
Privacy: Texting is a private communication channel
Texting convenient than the Calls where the atmosphere is noisy
For Multitasking
Less stressful because it does not require immediate attention, we can respond at our convenient time.

When coming to texting, WhatsApp is quite popular in the world. Today, active WhatsApp user is more than 1 billion, which means it reached every corner of the world.

What makes WhatsApp famous among millennials?

It is free to send/receive messages
We can send multiple images, files, documents, locations & contacts
We can easily see the person to whom send message received & also, seen or not
Easily set profile picture & update bio
Get an idea about, to whom we communicate, is online OR last active hours

In SMS, it cost us to send messages. We can’t send images, documents, files through SMS. Also, it does not show the person to whom we message has seen the text. We can not update bio & profile photos. Because of these reasons, SMS has losing its popularity.

Why SMS Marketing is Not Effective Nowadays?

When SMS was a common mode of communication among users, businesses use this platform to send their offers and discount on their products & services to their customers. Now, people consider this as a spammer, do not open the messages unless it is more relevant.

For start-ups & small businesses, SMS Marketing is a waste of their precious time, money, and energy because almost no one bothers to open a message to read, they just swipe away & delete it. Also, it has a character limit & not equip to send visuals. In this era, millennials prefer visuals to text. Customers do not prefer to solve their queries by SMS.

WhatsApp Marketing For Businesses

WhatsApp is a mobile app that enables us to send messages to anyone in the world for free. It cost us nothing to send messages, images, and documents. It offers us many ways (images, audio, videos, documents, files, etc.) to communicate with consumers.

WhatsApp Vs SMS Marketing

WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption which makes it very secure.
It cost us to send SMS, on the other hand, WhatsApp is free
We create groups on WhatsApp to send product updates, but in SMS it is not possible
In SMS, it has a text limit and can’t have the functionality to send images, video, documents, etc.
Open Rate in SMS – 98%, whereas in WhatsApp – 99%

People are, nowadays, ignore SMS mostly but hardly ignore WhatsApp messages. For businesses, it is important to find a platform that has a high customer base and better ROI. Businesses can easily save up to 50% on marketing costs using WhatsApp & increase 50% their ROI.

However, manage to have a handy list of customer contacts is no more difficult, separate out contacts that using WhatsApp is quite hard. You check manually and send messages each one by one, but it cost your time & energy.

Here is the one app, Export Contacts For WhatsApp, that quickly filters out contacts that using WhatsApp into a single file. Also, we can chat with our customers without saving their number & send bulk messages to contacts. The Application works on Mobiles as well as Windows Desktop. Unlimited Contacts can be exported at a time.

It is easy to use this app.

º Launch the Application

º Click on Export Contacts

º A Pop-up Window will generate asking you to Enter the file name

º Enter the file name as per your requirement and Click Export

º Successful Message and Location of Exported File Will be displayed

(Exported file is directly stored in the Mobile for usage)

For texting, Whatsapp has become more famous. It is a very flexible tool and has features to create groups, send images, videos, documents, locations. These reasons make WhatsApp marketing more effective than SMS Marketing.