Five Steps to Reach an Expert Dome Projection Wing

The whole objective of organizing dome projection, in any event, is to present a more influential and engaging experience for the viewers by visual stimulation. The immersive technology generates a 360-degree visual reality onto the spherical overhead of the dome supported by the software-based projection incorporated with light and sound while offering the viewers an immersive experience at a hemispherical angle without having to wear any special spectacle.

During the last couple of years, this innovative idea has grasped the attention of various brands to employ it as a highly effective promotional tool. Aside from the marketers and businesses the potential of the immersive technology to generate infinite creative opportunities has made it increasingly popular for other events and industries including education, healthcare, corporate training, medical conference as well as social events like concert parties, wedding ceremonies, etc.

Contextually, it’s worth mentioning, that the success of your dome projection event, irrespective of it is intended to promote a new brand, medical seminar, workforce training, or wedding celebration party, depends immensely on the depth of technological understanding, experience, expertise, specialization of the content production team that you are likely to work with. Therefore, when completing projection into a dome to make your forthcoming event credible, engaging, and memorable to your audience or guests, ensure that you are joining hands with a real professional with a highly successful track record in the industry.

However, finding the right crew could seem challenging for you in the mass of service providers in the industry. The article suggests you follow five practical steps to reach the most desired professionals faultlessly and productively.

1. Complete Your Homework

Homework with due diligence is your foremost step to go ahead. You need to consider three factors including

• The objective of your event/ theme;

• How much are you need (based on the volume of your invitees and program details)

• Consider your budget.

First of all, make sure on the above factors which will come in handy to make realistic research and accordingly hire the right community capable to meet your objective and event t deliverables within your budget.

2. Research Well

Although depending on referrals from your friends, associates and other like-minded professionals can be a helpful source, however, since not all dome projection programs are of equivalent types, depending on the complexity and extent of your event, make sure to research through the internet for a specialized dome projection team.

3. Know the Background

Knowing the background of a service provider in the domain should be your priority concern. As you browse the website, check what they do, their background, specialty area, key members, and the standard of clients they have worked with. Remember, that status of clientele is a major emblem that tells the value of the group.

4. Type of Domes/ Services

Whether you should go for a geodesic dome or an inflatable one for your dome projection should be decided based on the type and volume of space you need, the number of guests or participants, your funding, etc. Both are equally popular while inflatable domes are gaining faster demand due to their many advantages.

So, accordingly, check whether it’s equipped with complete dome solutions while you need to verify the size of domes, their capacity, installation time, etc. Typically, due to the structural complexity and multifaceted activities for setting up, geostatic domes take a longer time nearly 2 weeks while installation of inflatable can be done even within a few hours. Make sure that the company is capable to provide a complete range of solutions having expertise in

• Dome designing and developing,

• Dome projection,

• Content development,

• 360 projection mapping,

• Interactive program designing, and

• Consultancy

5. Project Portfolio

Although we have placed this topic at the last step, you can consider it as the first step as well. Because when it comes to dome projection, the project portfolio that it has performed is the most crucial decisive factor for you. Spend enough time to study the different types of dome projection works that it has handled earlier. The richness of the projects, the clients for whom they are being designed, what are the comments, etc. Thorough research of the portfolio, section will give you a great insight into the creativity level, recognition, and success story of the team.