Cordless Window Treatments For Homes With Children

Children are often at risk of getting tangled up in cords while playing around a window. Cordless blinds in Sydney come in many different types, such as pleated shades that drape across the top but do not touch or pull on any cords to open them. They can be mounted inside or outside windows and have no hanging cords near children’s reach level for added safety.

Some blinds and shutters in Sydney come with motorized operation, making it much safer and easier to open and close your window treatments. You can also find motorized shutters, that are made of vinyl, aluminium or wood. These styles come with both inside and outside mounting options to suit your home’s needs. Motorized window treatments offer the ultimate child protection because they will close themselves without any cords for a hands-free closure system.

It’s important to maintain your cordless or motorized window treatments with regular cleaning. For help, consult the manufacturer instructions that came with your product. If you have a problem and can’t find the answer in their documentation, call customer service for help, because it is always best to follow the right guidelines given by the manufacturer rather than doing something on your own that may damage the window treatment.

Which types of window treatments can be motorised?

Motorised window treatments are a great option for homes with children. With this type of treatment, you don’t have to worry about cords or other items that could potentially be dangerous if they’re pulled on by little fingers.

Some options of window treatment types available in motorized option are:

Roller Blinds – The classic and cost-effective roller blinds in Sydney are a very popular choice among home owners with young families. They are very easy to operate and install and are one of the most low-cost blinds around.
Honeycomb Blinds – A more expensive type of blinds but one that provides greater effects in terms of insulation and noise cancelling. These blinds have air pockets (or cells0 which trap air within them creating an insulative barrier between the window and the room. So, they are ideal for the hot summer months as well as the cold winter months.
Roman Blinds – Roman Blinds in Sydney are also very popular, because they add a lot of style and elegance to a room. Made of fabric, you can select it in different types of fabric, textures and colours to suit your specific needs.
Vertical Blinds – These are a low cost, easy to maintain type of blind. Ideally suited for home offices.
Panel Glides – Panel Glides offer great design aesthetics and style for the room, as well as space saving properties. These panels move along a track and stack up at the end when fully open. They can be made in solid colour or even prints, depending on your style ethos.

Almost all of these window treatment options provide great privacy and light control, offer stylish designs and some are even helpful in providing your home with the best possible insulation and noise cancelling properties. They are ideal for homes with little children, not only because they can be motorized for their safety, eliminating choking hazards that are apparent with cords and chains, but are also great for their rooms, to ensure that only the required amount of light seeps in, helping them to sleep better (we all know how difficult it is to get kids to sleep, right?).

As a parent, you know that your children’s safety is the most important thing. Windows are an area of concern for many parents because they provide easy access to the outside world and can be dangerous if not properly secured. With cordless window treatments you have all the benefits of traditional blinds or shutters without any cords or chains dangling around near potentially hazardous areas in your home.

If you are looking for the best options in terms of blinds and shutters in Sydney which are suitable for homes with children, speak to your local supplier and get their advice. They will be able to better help you with selecting the absolute best. They will also have a wide selection of materials, colours and styles available, so you won’t have to compromise on aesthetics.