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Topaz overview
Topaz is one of the most popular gemstone hues in the world. On the Mohs scale, they indicate their hardness on 8.These are the third hardest gemstones after diamonds and rubies, although it may be split into two parts by a strong impact. This stone is a jewelry lover’s choice because of its hardness, durability, and appealing hue.One of the most well-known topazes is colorless, because, for this reason, most people mistake it for a diamond. Most people mistake it for a diamond.

Topaz is a well-known gemstone variety among the majority of people due to its distinctive blue hue. The color of this gemstone is usually golden to orange.

Topaz as a birthstone and anniversary stone
Topaz is your birthstone if your birthday falls in November. Topaz is a stone that represents friendship. The blue variation topaz stone is ideal for a child born in December. This stone is also appropriate for the 4th, 19th, and 23rd wedding anniversaries.

Topaz earrings come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, pink, brown, red, purple, and green.

Here are some design that look good on you:-

Yellow topaz earring:-
Topaz is a beautiful golden gemstone with a high value. This stone is only found in Only Ouro Preto and Brazil. It is unique, desirable, and collectible. This golden earring looks stunning when paired with yellow or white jewelry. This stone is extremely difficult to obtainBecause of its rarity,it’s stunning in terms of color, clarity, and style.

Blue topaz earring in white gold:-
A blue topaz set in a lovely white gold setting is the ideal combination of earring. It seems to be a classy combination. Topaz looks natural when set in white gold. A cushion-cut is used on this earring. The blue topaz in the center of these earrings iselegant, and the diamonds add a feminine touch to them.

They are also look good with the yellow gold:-
If you want to try a royal appearance, wear yellow gold blue topaz earrings. This blue topaz earring has such a show-stopping sun-kissed metal that delivers a priceless look. It is the most royal ensemble you can wear on significant occasions such as weddings, engagements, and your wedding day.You can also give these lovely dangle earrings as a gift to your loved ones.

Pink topaz earring:-
Pink topaz earrings are the most popular among females. The color of these earrings looks good on everyone, or should I say, everyone loves this color.The following are some interesting facts regarding pink topaz.

Red or pink topaz is the most rare color of topaz.
Pink topaz is also known as rose topaz because it resembles a pink diamond or a pink sapphire.
These areless costly then pink diamond.
These stones are accessible in larger sizes than diamond or sapphire. That is why sapphire makes it so much easier

Topaz stud earrings:-
A stud is the most simplest and basic form of earring. This earring has a unique design. You can wear it to any occasion, such as a meeting or a party, and it will complement your appearance perfectly. A single topaz stone is held in place with a classy silver metal in this earring.

Topaz stud earring are usually cut in emerald, cushion, round, square, heart-shaped, baguette, rose, or princess forms.
You can choose a cut that will bring out the brilliance of the stone. The studs do not come in large sizes, but they do feature a gleaming stone.

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